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Maas platform business

1.Hotel Services - MTS Online Travel Service

        Direct Tianxia new tourism (MTS) is based on mobile Internet and big data technology, ota-sim and direct Tianxia new roaming service system, integrating tourism service industry chain resources (travel agencies, airlines, hotels, scenic spots, etc.). With the help of communication and hotel cross service, hotels and operators can obtain customers.

        EAP authentication (EID + face card) is carried out by the user's telephone card. The hotel provides safe WiFi and registration services for users. When users arrive at the hotel, they can use the hotel WiFi to access the network. At the same time, they can use the hotel's access control management to roam freely and senselessly in the operator's 4G / 5G Hotel WiFi.

2.Ota-sim / rcc-sim transport services in Dawan District

        Smart car card swiping + code scanning terminals are installed in public transport such as buses, subways, online car hailing and cross-border buses. Users can pass the EAP authentication of telephone cards and use mobile phones to swipe cards / QR codes for preferential and convenient riding; use mobile phones to make online real-time car Hailing; and mobile phones to facilitate intelligent payment. Platform alliance enterprises use transportation to obtain customers.


3.Ota-sim aviation railway WiFi service

        Insert the app directly to the world in the airline app to integrate flight + mobile communication + Internet services. The user phone card can be certified with EAP authentication (eid+ face card). It can be used to login the Internet in the airport and the aircraft WiFi first. Through the OTA air number, it can write the number of multiple national operators, automatically switch out of the country, and enjoy the local preferential tariff flexibly.

        The telephone card is also an airline membership card, which enables airlines and operators to obtain customers by means of cross-border communication services.

4.Ota-sim new roaming - cross border roaming service

        Based on ota-sim, smart phone and direct to the world platform, it integrates the resources of operators at home and abroad, obtains customers for communication operators in various countries, and provides users with one card, multiple numbers and new comprehensive IP secretary services.

        Followme - use local call transfer and VoIP technology to connect voice called and short message called to the mobile app of the user when the outbound number is off.

        And we have a personal communication management software combined with CA authentication technology. It can help you to manage business cards through software, encrypt local / cloud address book, prevent malicious software from accessing address book, and even encrypt calls via IP phone.

        Ota-sim provides differentiated services. Another application scenario is the service for international students. It cooperates with universities, overseas study agencies and examination institutions at home and abroad to attract customers and enhance user stickiness.