“Directel” is a VOIP with IM application, it is an Innovation and Technology mobile App to integrate the mobile internet and the traditional PSTN network. With “Directel” App, enables you to reach the world at home location and while you are abroad. It offers FREE on-net call and cheapest off-net call. Thus, “Directel” App will save you huge voice and SMS roaming expense.  

- “Directel” App can switch between Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks automatically, VOIP dialer lets you make a free on-net call and lower cost off-net call.

- SMS : receive and send text messages via app. You can send SMS to your friends even they are not “Directel” users or haven’t internet connection. (only available for Directel/CHKT subscriber)

- Instant messaging (IM): Users can also send emojis, photos, audios, videos and group chat.

- Call forwarding: The system provides a switch for Directel/CHKT subscribers choose whether to answer the call with traditional network or with “Directel” App. It is the same case for text messages as well.

- Phonebook: Sync with smartphone phonebook automatically and recognize friends who are using “Directel” App.

- Voice mail message: When the APP is offline or the call is missing, the call could be diverted to voice mail, easy to retrieve the voicemail through the App.

- Account balance management: To provide the convenience ways for the users to check the balance, to top-up with “CHKT”(中港充) voucher and third party Payment Platform. Same wallet to manage both GSM Prepaid and App accounts if Directel/CHKT subscribers registered this App too.

- Multiple logs: To record of inbound and outbound call log, missed call log, IM log and group chat log.

- Call with anyone, anywhere: No matter where you are, when you make a call, the unique CLI of your registered number will show up on the recipient side. (only available for Directel/CHKT subscriber)


Innovative:Unified Communications with smartphone mobile Internet and traditional PSTN networks.

Economical:Enjoy the FREE or the cheapest national/ international call over the world.

Equipped with phone number:The registered number can be called by traditional PSTN network users.

Text-based Instant Messaging:Send SMS to any mobile phone number over the world through APP, or who send you. 

Encrypted communications :End-to-end encrypted voice communications to prevent eavesdropping over the network 

【photo】Life without privacy is blanched  

Key Features

◆International Roaming

When you are abroad, you can make outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls from anywhere in the world. You can also receive and send SMS. (SMS feature is only available for Directel/CHKT subscribers)
◆FREE Calls
Using Wi-Fi or data network, registered users can make free IP calls between the Apps.
◆Encrypted Calls
Key technologies, with CA authentication and encryption to ensure the end-to-end encrypted voice communications to prevent eavesdropping over the network.
◆The Disguiser of Cross border
When you make a call, the unique CLI of your current Directel/CHKT’s number will show up on the recipient side even you are being of international roaming.