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Outbound tourism is becoming common in China, and China has become the biggest outbound tourism market in the world. In 2014, the number of Chinese outbound tourists had breakthrough 100 million. The surrounding countries are mainlanders’ primary traveling destinations. Outbound traveling market is surging, not only in China, but also around the world.

In 2013, the number of outbound tourists had reached 98.18 million people, an increase of 18% over the previous year. Asia accounts for 85% of the top 10 destinations, while Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan account for approximately 70% of it.

In 2013, the number of inbound tourists had reached 129.07 million people, a decrease of 2.5% over the previous year. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan account for 102.78 million people (~80%), while foreigners account for 26.29 million people (~20%).

Facing this business opportunity, many device manufacturers have released their roaming service based on the terminal device, such as Google’s “Project Fi”, Huawei’s “Skytone”, Skyroam’s “Skyroam” and so on. TruPhone, a new global MVNO, also has provided a low price roaming service through traditional SIM card; and yet because of using traditional SIM card, it is greatly limited in terms of service experience, business comprehensiveness and extensibility.

China-Hong Kong Telecom Ltd (China-HK Telecom), a member of the Group, is a MVNO in Hong Kong, providing one-card-multiple-numbers service in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan for over a decade and planning to merge with oversea MNOs through acquisition in order to qualify for global roaming.

Skytone Business Introduction:

Skytone is a new type, creative integrated telecom roaming service, which is based on the Group’s years experience on one card multiple numbers service and combined with new era mobile internet technology. By working with the oversea operators, the group can provide a more convenient and cheaper roaming service with higher quality to the users.

Business Patterns:

Other than China-HK Telecom’s 45411 IMSI, the Group works with other MNO and MVNO mainly by manufacturing normal SIM card and acquiring output file data from the card manufacturer, and then writing it into OTA-SIM card by Skytone APP.

Oversea OTA-SIM users roaming in Hong Kong/Mainland China:Writing China-HK Telecom’s 45411 IMSI or other IMSI from our cooperated China operators into OTA-SIM card to add Hong Kong/Mainland China phone numbers.

Hong Kong/Mainland China users roaming aboard:writing output file data from the local MNO/MVNO by Skytone APP to add local phone numbers.

SKYTONE service APPs:

The core APP of the Skytone system is:


The Directel exclusive technology can register SIM card into the network remotely through OTA-SIM and GOIP device, which does not need to alter operator’s network. When one of the user’s numbers was called (including voice and SMS), Follow Me will forward it to the user’s phone in the roaming location (via Directel APP or general GSM module), the user would not need to pay for the call forward or IDD fees. With value-added service APPs featuring traveling and so on, users can purchase more non-telecom products.

With value-added service APPs featuring traveling and so on, users can purchase more non-telecom products.



With Skytone APP, Skytone product combines with OTA-SIM; OTA-SIM users gathered by all channels could write numbers into their OTA-SIM card over the air by themselves.

Skytone APP can encrypt or decrypt card data such as IMSI and Ki, and then write them safely into the OTA-SIM card. With the SKYTONE system, single number users (such as Mainland China users) could upgrade to multiple numbers users.