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Company Profile

The Group is a MVNO in Hong Kong holding MVNO and ETS licenses. The Group mainly provides the quality ‘New Roaming’ service under the brand names of China-HK Telecom, Directel and Direct-TX. This service allows the users to access the Internet service via mobile phone in different designated territories with a single SIM card. Combining with Directel-TX APP, the users could make or take long distance calls in Hong Kong and other designated territories easily with the rate lower than standard roaming service. The ‘New Roaming’ service has already covered over 60 countries, and has established local marketing channels in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.
        The Group had applied for and obtained the permits from Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department and Guangdong Communications Administration according to the rules of CEPA, allowing the Group to sell Hong Kong SIM cards to the Mainland users in Guangdong province for travel purposes and provide value-added telecom services such as customer service.
        The Group also provides IDD service from Hong Kong to other countries all over the world and local mobile telecom service in Hong Kong with pre-paid and post-paid plans. Other than that, the Group provides sales agent service for SIM card products to MNOs in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and maintains strategic and cooperative relations with them.
        The Group provides wholesale distribution business service for telecom terminals such as handset and walkie talkie, as well as data traffic top-up services for China and Singapore operators.
        The Group adopts a low-cost strategy and model for its businesses and operation. The Group provides mobile communication services via the independent third parties’ mobile network, except for a small amount of core equipments related to the New Roaming services. The Group purchases local air time and data traffic from the main MNOs in Hong Kong and other territories, and reassembles them into new products and then resells them to the users and distributors under its own brands or to the cooperative company’s customers under their brand name. This model saves time, the huge fund and technical team to build and maintain a set of mobile network infrastructures. Besides, with the support of its administration system for operation, billing and accounting, and outsourcing most of its non-core operations or administration functions such as customer service, the Group streamlines its scale and reduces its general cost. Through these measures, the Group can focus on the New Roaming service, develop and maintain the business relationships with the MNOs, and develop new products or services for the customers. Although the competition in mobile communication market is fierce, the Group has kept a good performance with the help of low-cost strategy.
        The main distribution channels for the Group’s mobile telecommunication services are wholesaling products to the distributors and MNOs and retailing them to final users. A large portion of air time and data traffic in the mobile telecommunication service is wholesaling to the distributors in the way of pre-paid SIM cards and top-up vouchers. The selling network of the distributors covers various kinds of shops and stores in Hong Kong and the surrounding cities, such as chain convenient stores, mobile phone shops, travel agencies and so on. Some of the products are selling online and then being mailed to the customers. The Group sells the local and overseas air time and data traffic from the two main MNOs in Hong Kong. Since the Group’s New Roaming service is supported by its own system platform, it has successfully wholesaled a large amount of air time and data traffic from the MNOs in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Other than that, the Group sells a portion of air time and data traffic to the end-users directly via its service program.
        To enlarge its market share and improve profitability, after the New Roaming service matured, the Group plans to expand it in worldwide. The Group is now upgrading its existing system infrastructures to provide 4G mobile internet service, allowing the system to create new products in a quicker, more flexible and low-risk way to meet the market’s needs. The Group will also introduce OTA-SIM card products to the market, which integrate mobile SIM card with contactless smart card in order to provide more value-added services to the users. For example: access control function to the parking lots and buildings, public transportation, receiving coupons and promotion information from the merchants via mobile phone, and also one-card-multiple-numbers service on the SIM card with the OTA technology, which can be purchased on APP.
        The next step is to create another brilliant future. The Group has been improving its customer service quality in the traditional telecommunication field to maintain its market share and profits. Looking forward, the Group is going to enter the mobile Internet market with the New Roaming service and APPs such as FollowMe soft phone, mobile phone firewall, OTA and so on. By cooperating with more internet enterprises and telecom operators all over the world to launch a converged communication, the Group will continue to march its goal to become an innovative mobile internet service provider.